The speed of the healthcare community continues to accelerate. And only ClinicalKey has been designed from the ground up to meet your needs for fast, trusted, and relevant clinical answers.

The feedback on ClinicalKey has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, MD Consult users who have made the switch to ClinicalKey have told us that it exceeds their information needs with an even better search experience.

As a result, Elsevier is shifting our development investment from MD Consult to ClinicalKey.

Here are three reasons why you should upgrade to ClinicalKey as well:

ClinicalKey will continue to evolve.

As more resources are invested, ClinicalKey will continue to grow with additional content and features that integrate into your workflow. It will offer the most powerful search technology for the fastest, most clinically relevant answers.

ClinicalKey offers comprehensive content.

ClinicalKey is the one resource that offers all of Elsevier's medical and surgical content in one place. Plus, ClinicalKey seamlessly integrates clinical trial information, MEDLINE abstracts, and more into your search results to provide a truly comprehensive resource.

ClinicalKey is the next generation of search.

Advanced search technology powered by Smart Content allows ClinicalKey to find faster, more clinically relevant answers other resources might miss. Elsevier’s proprietary taxonomy called EMMeT is a key component. Watch the video on the right to learn more.

Now is the time to explore a ClinicalKey subscription before your MD Consult subscription expires.

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