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Master Content List and Durable URLs

ClinicalKey institutional users can customize access to ClinicalKey content with direct links for the institution's existing internal website.

With the use of durable URLs to retrieve specific content, customizing access is easy. Institutions can add links to the most frequently used content, or highlight specific content for a specialty service.

For example, if there is a section on your internal website that is devoted to the Anesthesia department; add a link to Miller’s Anesthesia on ClinicalKey.

The list of ClinicalKey Master Content can be found below:

Download Durable URLs or Direct Links below:

Open URL Linking

ClinicalKey institutional accounts with Link Resolvers have the option to link to journal articles or journal article search results.

Contact Technical Support at to add Open URL linking to your account. They will need the following information:

  • URL for the link
  • Text or URL for the graphic to be used for the linking
  • Graphic should be in GIF format
  • Graphic maximum dimensions: For article abstract page link — 250px wide X 250px high
MARC 21 Records

ClinicalKey offers FREE official MARC 21 records for the books, journals, and Clinics included in your ClinicalKey subscription.

These records are ready to load into your local library catalog and will help increase the discoverability of ClinicalKey content in your institution and thereby increase the usage of your ClinicalKey resources. Plus, you’ll save valuable time by not having to enter these titles manually into your catalog.

Ordering the ClinicalKey MARC 21 records is easy:

  1. Download the OCLC order form
  2. Select the ClinicalKey records you wish to order
  3. Fax the order form directly to OCLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a charge for the records?

A: No. The records are a free service included in your ClinicalKey subscription. OCLC will not charge you for the records.

Q: How will my records be delivered?

A: You can access all your MARC records via your existing EDX subscription or through OCLC’s Product Services Web.

Q: What if my library is located outside the United States?

A: Libraries located outside of the United States may order records just as readily as those within the United States.

Q: Will my library’s holdings be set in WorldCat?

A: Yes, your libraries holdings will be set in WorldCat.

Q: What is the format for the records?

A: The system provides files in MARC 21 format using the MARC-8 character set. They are not Unicode. More information on the MARC-8 character set may be found HERE. Our delivery services do not support MAB format, nor can OCLC deliver tab (or other) delimited files.

Q: Are MARC records provided for all books and journals on ClinicalKey?

A: No. Currently, MARC records are only provided for 1,000 of our books and 500 of our journals. Within the Master Content list, located HERE, an indicator is available to let the user know whether a MARC record is available for a specific book or journal.

Blog Updates

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services currently requires all electronic health record systems eligible for certification to comply with 18 objectives. Of these, 13

By several metrics, the health care industry has done an efficient job of implementing electronic health record systems across the country….

With scribes, doctors can focus more on patient interaction and treatment

by: ClinicalKey Elsevier

The penmanship of medical professionals is usually the butt of a joke, but with a new trend of the use of scribes growing among doctors nationwide,

The penmanship of medical professionals is usually the butt of a joke, but with a new trend of the use of scribes growing among doctors nationwide, the dedicated note-taking assistants may make deciphering a physician’s handwriting a thing of the past….

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