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    Very good .

    • Craig Stafford

      how much does it cost pr year ?


    Sound good……..

    • Craig Stafford

      how much does it cost per year ?

  • Arshad


  • Kamran Mamedov

    i like it

  • Andrés Saravia

    I think I found my new homepage…
    Love ClinicalKey

  • Nashwan ahmed

    is it just me. if you are a dentist and trying to search for something using clinicalkey , really few unrelevant results you can get , though i’m sure that i’m using regular words like “periapical abscess” , it is like , they developed it for medicine and not for dentistry , as if dentistry is not part of the puplic health

  • deepak gupta

    This is not good for noble medical profession due to cost or payment system , it mustbe free.

  • Dr.Sahar Khalil

    I like it, indeed.

  • dr.m.k. dixit

    everything very good

  • risnas

    hi,,,.. i’m new…………..