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Improve Patient Care with Next Generation Search.

Access breakthrough technology delivering three proprietary features.

  • Comprehensive Content

    Only ClinicalKey delivers all of Elsevier's medical and surgical content in one dynamic resource, giving physicians access to over 900 top books, over 500 top journals, thousands of videos and millions of images.

  • Trusted Answers

    All of ClinicalKey's content comes backed by Elsevier, the world's leading provider of health and science information, so physicians get the most current, accurate and trustworthy answers with just one search. No more wasting time searching multiple resources!

  • Unrivaled Speed to Answer

    With Smart Content built on Elsevier's proprietary taxonomy, physicians get faster, more clinically relevant answers with every search, for less time looking and more time caring for patients.


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What is ClinicalKey?

ClinicalKey is not just a conventional clinical search engine, but a clinical insight engine designed specifically to address physicians' 3 key search requirements:

  • Comprehensive: ClinicalKey brings you answers from the largest collection of published medical resources in every medical and surgical specialty, and includes all MEDLINE abstracts with access and entitlements to other full-text purchases when used with an institution's link resolver.
  • Trusted: Authoritative medical and surgical content from Elsevier.
  • Speed to answer: Smart Content enables fast discovery of the most relevant answers, plus more intuitive searching.

Plus, information is structured to align with doctors' workflows, whether they are treating and diagnosing patients, staying current in their field, or preparing care plans. ClinicalKey has been designed from the ground up to provide clinicians with the answers they need faster than any other source.

How do I access ClinicalKey?

Since ClinicalKey is Internet based, you can get clinical answers from whatever device you might use to access the Internet. With your own account, you can get fast clinical answers simply by going to www.ClinicalKey.com. Keep in mind that accessing ClinicalKey outside of your institution depends on the restrictions set forth by your institution's network.

What makes ClinicalKey unique?

Since ClinicalKey was built after talking to more than 2,000 physicians and surgeons, it's uniquely positioned to serve the key needs of healthcare professionals. The heart of ClinicalKey is its technologically advanced search powered by Elsevier Smart Content. This unique advantage maps content to EMMeT, Elsevier's proprietary medical taxonomy, and builds relationships using a semantic framework. What you'll experience though is faster, more clinically relevant answers with connections highlighted between medical concepts and suggestions of related content that conventional clinical search engines or Google ® might miss. Plus, unlike other sources, all of ClinicalKey's content is provided by Elsevier, the world's leading provider of peer-reviewed medical and scientific information, so you know you can trust the results.

How does ClinicalKey deliver faster, more relevant answers?

The speed to answer in ClinicalKey begins with each paragraph of content being tagged using our proprietary medical taxonomy, EMMeT (Elsevier Merged Medical Taxonomy), to turn ordinary content into Elsevier Smart Content. With that tagging in place, Smart Content can go to work for you and deliver answers that relate directly to what you're searching, and suggest other content and concepts you may have otherwise missed.

EMMeT refines and combines other known medical taxonomies to create the single most clinically useful taxonomy, which allows ClinicalKey to understand the meaning of searchable content, so you can discover related content missed by keyword searches on conventional clinical search engines and get to your answer faster.

And EMMeT and the Smart Content within ClinicalKey are continually updated and monitored to ensure ClinicalKey adapts to meet physicians' specific needs and search queries. The speed of care moves quickly, so ClinicalKey adapts as new information becomes available, so you always have the most current answers at your fingertips.

What types of content are available through ClinicalKey?

The content in ClinicalKey comes from Elsevier's vast online medical portfolio and gives you access to more proprietary medical and surgical content in one place than any other resource.

The collection of journals available in ClinicalKey is growing every month, and currently includes more than 500 journals, such as Journal of the American College of Cardiology and The Lancet.

ClinicalKey also has more than 20 million MEDLINE abstracts, which are retrieved each day from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and integrated seamlessly into your ClinicalKey search results.

You can also access clinical trial information from the ClinicalTrials.gov database as it becomes available.

Overall, ClinicalKey includes:

  • ALL Elsevier medical and surgical journals (over 500)
  • Selected third-party journals and content sources
  • ALL Elsevier medical and surgical reference books (over 1000)
  • ALL medical and surgical clinics of North America
  • ALL First Consult point-of-care clinical monographs
  • ALL Procedures Consult content and associated videos
  • ALL Clinical Pharmacology drug monographs from Gold Standard
  • ALL Elsevier medical and surgical videos (over 13,000+)
  • Millions of medical and surgical images
  • Over 2,000 Practice Guidelines
  • Elsevier and third-party published patient education handouts in both English and Spanish, where available.

How often is ClinicalKey updated?

Both the content in ClinicalKey and the search technology behind the scenes are continually updated, so you always have fast access to the latest clinical answers.

Journal articles are added to ClinicalKey's database following a new issue’s publication, and many titles also include Articles in Press which give you access to the latest articles prior to them being published.

You can access most books on ClinicalKey the same day they are published in print unless it requires additional formatting to fit the ClinicalKey interface. As new editions of a title are released, ClinicalKey is continually updated so you always have the most current editions.

When it comes to content like MEDLINE abstracts and clinical trial information, ClinicalKey pulls the latest abstracts and information daily, so your searches always provide you with the most current information on a given topic.

Which specialties are covered by ClinicalKey?

Every major medical and surgical specialty is covered by the comprehensive content available in ClinicalKey. For a complete list of the specialties served by ClinicalKey, click here.

How does ClinicalKey align with physician workflows?

ClinicalKey has been designed from the beginning to seamlessly integrate into the workflows of physicians and provide fast, clinically relevant answers at every stage. Whether they are treating and diagnosing patients, staying current in their field, or sharing information with colleagues, ClinicalKey does the following:

  • ClinicalKey provides access to the content they need most.
  • ClinicalKey allows them to filter search results by clinically meaningful subcategories (content type, specialty, disease, and more).
  • Specialty-specific tools enable physicians to quickly go from topic overview to in-depth specialty information to meet clinical challenges.
  • Workflow alignment extends to the design of ClinicalKey's user interface, making the most relevant tools immediately accessible.
  • Physicians can personalize ClinicalKey for greater workflow alignment, ensuring the most relevant results and cutting search time even further with tools like saved searches and personalized alerts.

What can ClinicalKey offer Medical Librarians?

For starters, ClinicalKey gives you access to the largest proprietary collection of medical and surgical content from a single source, so you can quickly find answers that allow your physicians to impact patient outcomes. Plus, since that content is continually updated from Elsevier, you can trust that the answers you receive are not only accurate but are also the most current. Not only do you have current content, but with the Smart Content tagging using Elsevier's proprietary taxonomy, EMMeT, ClinicalKey can bring you suggestions, related content, and concept connections that other clinical resources may miss.

Another consideration is that ClinicalKey is intuitive. Its interface is simple to use, so everyone at your institution can start using it right away.

Of course, ClinicalKey's COUNTER-compliant analytic tools enable you to track usage and report on the return on your investment.

Overall, ClinicalKey is uniquely designed to meet the information needs of physicians, which means you'll be delivering them the answers they need most at any stage of their workflow.

What can ClinicalKey offer Hospital Executives?

Many studies have shown that access to clinical information resources has a positive impact on patient care. But how much of an impact is the question. Other clinical resources might force your physicians to wade through page after page to find the answer they need. Others might provide a quick answer, but from a source your physicians can’t trust, and when it comes to making clinical decisions, you want answers you can trust.

That's the advantage that ClinicalKey provides:

  • ClinicalKey is comprehensive, so your physicians, regardless of their specialty, can find the information they need when they need it.
  • ClinicalKey is trusted, so not only can your physicians feel confident in the answers they find, but they can save time by not having to go to a second or third source to compare.
  • ClinicalKey provides unrivaled speed to answer. With ClinicalKey’s Smart Content working in the background, your physicians get the clinically relevant answers they need to make life-saving decisions fast.

The speed, experience, and content of ClinicalKey can help improve patient outcomes, make your physicians more efficient in caring for patients, and help them stay current in the latest advances in their field.

For more information about the benefits of ClinicalKey, click here. If you’re ready to explore the difference ClinicalKey can make in your institution, just complete the form here to be contacted by your Elsevier sales representative.

How do I subscribe to ClinicalKey and what does it cost?

Subscribing to ClinicalKey is simple.

For individuals — you can quickly get access to content in your specialty from http://store.clinicalkey.com. From the ClinicalKey store, you can select any specialty packages you might be interested in, view the included content listing, and check out with instant access to your ClinicalKey subscription. The subscription cost for each specialty varies depending on the amount of content available in ClinicalKey.

For institutions — simply contact your Elsevier sales representative for more information about how your entire institution can start enjoying the power of ClinicalKey, including the pricing for your access. Of course you can always start with a free trial to see the full impact ClinicalKey can have for your entire institution. For more information, you can simply complete the form found here.

What if I already subscribe to MD Consult?

If you already subscribe to MD Consult, then you already know the strength of the content you access from Elsevier. Now, with ClinicalKey, you have access to the same quality of content but on a search platform that makes it faster than ever to get the clinical answers you need. Plus, with the amount of content available on ClinicalKey, you have access to a much larger universe of content than MD Consult could provide you. If you haven’t yet taken the time to see how ClinicalKey can deliver more clinically relevant answers than any other platform, including MD Consult, click here to view a short demo. Plus, if you manage your institution’s subscription to MD Consult, be sure to speak with your Elsevier representative about how you can upgrade to the power of ClinicalKey.